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PMI's Multi-Choice Exam Questions

Success in the exam requires you to be good at answering questions!

Mosaic's courses are built around 1000s of PMI style questions.  This section of our website is focused on developing your understanding of how questions work in the training and in the examination.

This section covers:


More free (and some paid) PMP and CAPM Questions

Questions.jpgWe have 1000s of questions available to trainees in addition to those included in your coursework! Whilst studying Q&As will never be enough to prepare for the exam, many people like to practice extensively. This page offers links to 1000s of additional questions that we know are of a good quality.  Some are ours, others are from colleagues web sites, most are free.  Access the free questions

We Tweet a new question every day - see today's question.  

We also recommend a number of external resources with 100s of extra questions (mostly free).
See our list of recommended questions