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PM Final is the last module in each of Mosaic's PMP and CAPM Exam Prep courses
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1000+ questions updated to the 2016 version of the examination! Log into your account, buy access to PM Final or learn more about the tool

Note: A good score using this simulator does not guarantee a pass in the PMP or CAPM examination.


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How to use PM Final

PM Final is Mosaic's online exam preparation tool. It is specifically designed to help with your final preparation for the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Managment (CAPM) exams. PM Final includes hundreds of realistic practice questions closely aligned with each of the PMBOK Guide® knowledge areas. The test questions are modelled on the PMI standard testing environment; the question screen shows its number, the total number of questions in your current exam, four multiple-choice answers, the "Mark" checkbox to mark questions for further review and the time remaining. At the end of each exam, you are provided with a comprehensive overview of every answer. The question bank is reviewed and updated at least once per quarter through feedback received from thousands of PM Final students.

About the trial examinations

You can take as many trial exams as you like during your licence period. The PM Final system allows you to:

  • PM_Final2.gifSelect the number of questions attempted in each exam 
  • Select the questions by individual knowledge area (Custom) or practice a comprehensive exam using all of the knowledge areas 
  • A clock lets you know exactly how much time is remaining for each practice exam based on the PMP schedule of 50 questions per hour 
  • At any time during your practice exam, you may choose to save the exam for later completion. All answers, marked questions, and time remaining will be saved to restart at any time in the future 
  • At the end of each pass through the selected questions, you can review the whole examination. You may review an individual question. Review only "Marked" questions. Review only "Unanswered" questions. Or, review all questions again 
  • You complete and score exam only when you are ready (or when time has run out) 
  • PM_Final3.gifAfter 'scoring' your practice exam, you can review the colour-coded answers. You may review the answers to individual questions, only those that were incorrect, or all of the questions. Detailed explanations show the correct and incorrect answers and give an exact PMBOK reference for further review.

The PM Final system keeps track of your progress:

  • A complete exam history is available 
  • You may retake or review a previously completed practice exam at any time 
  • View your overall progress graphically at any time to gauge the success of your preparation efforts 
  • As long as you 'Sign Out', your on-line time is recorded for PMI audit purposes 

Help is always available:

  • On line, click on (?) 
  • From Mosaic by email us at:
    If help is needed for a specific question, we need to know the 'Question ID' eg ID: 9733

90 Day licence extensions are available to our trainees for AU$88 each. Contact for more information on extending your PM Final licence period.

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